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How to Succeed on Fiverr: 57 Tips to Increase Fiverr Sales 2019

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How to succeed on Fiverr?

Many Freelancers in Fiverr ask this question, but still get very less orders.

If you want to succeed in Fiverr, you must know how to attract clients to click your Fiverr Gig and increase your Fiverr ranking.

Today, i have list 57 tips can help you increase sales on Fiverr.com.

Let’s Jump in.

1. Frequency of Sale Per Day

Keep your frequency of sale per day standard, if it drops for consecutive days, you need to push the sales and keep the balance.

This will help you get a better positioning in Fiverr’s SERP’s.

If not, Fiverr algorithm might push you down! So consistent is the key.

Tip: Contact old buyers to ask if they have any new work and create a template message, so you can shoot to multiple buyers. Saves time and make it consistent

2. Number of Reviews

The number of reviews you earned per day against other gigs, help you to push your gig on the first page.

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So, review is important once you complete the order.

But don’t directly ask review as Fiverr doesn’t like it! So, ask in an indirect way.

Example: I would like you to send your feedback for this order, it helps me to grown in Fiverr. Also, I would be happy to know that you are satisfied with my service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a great day!

3. Positive Review:

You get a review is good. But, if you want to rank better, it should be a positive review. Negative review is bad and it will provide a negative impact in your Gig sales.

Give great service to your buyers and win a positive review each time. This is crucial in your beginning stages.

4. Completing Orders:

Complete your orders. I mean all the orders whatever comes your way. So, make sure you take the gigs seriously, if you think you can’t do some service that you are not suitable for, better remove those gigs.

If you have less completed orders or canceled orders, it will bring a negative impact on your gig. In other words, you will have less order. So, completing the order determines your gig health.

5. Cancellation Rate:

Cancellation rate is another ranking factor for your gig. Don’t try to get in to cancellation phase. Have a clear communication with your buyers. So, you don’t need to jump in to cancellation.

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Offer service, that you can handle. Over promising, will leads to cancellation. Cancellation will reduce your Gig ranking.

6. Less Customer Support:

Try to avoid dispute from the buyers, solve it yourself. Best case is to avoid dispute at all cost. If you however end up with dispute, don’t approach customer support immediately, as this will hurt your gig health.

Solve it directly with buyers. Fiverr customer support should be very least used.

7. One Day Fast Delivery:

Fiverr algorithm likes fast deliveries. Many new sellers, rise in the rank faster, if they crank out deliveries quickly.

It’s a good practice to set your delivery time for 24 hours.

This allows your gig to stand out, and it put you in the category of express delivery when buyers are sorting by delivery time.  It is super useful when you are starting out in Fiverr.

It also helps you with boosting your rank and impression.

If you get 8 orders today and manage to deliver 4 of them same-day, it will increase your gig ranking and also deliver gig always on time.

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Tips:  Most buyers prefer a fast delivery of their requests. They will search for sellers with good reviews and faster turnaround.

8. Conversion Rate

A gig that gets lots of view counts but doesn’t have a sale is useless to fiverr algorithm. A gig that “converts” to sales is attractive to Fiverr and get ranked higher.

When the buyer contacts you, try to answer the questions and try your best to convert it to sales!

So, even if you have lower views, it’s okay. You can promote it. But higher views and no sales is super bad in Fiverr algorithm.

If you see more views and less conversion you are doing something wrong or missing some important thing.

Probably your Gig is missing some important elements, you need to fix your Fiverr gig title and description.

Tips: When buyer send a message, start to answer question sooner and send the custom order right away. This pushes buyer to place the order. Don’t delay!

9. Response Rate with Good Customer Service

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Response rate is very important to climb up. Not only quick response shows your interest in the project and also bring positive effect to your Gig ranking.

Reply faster using quick template messages stating that you will be back in X number of hours.

Good customer service is a key factor along with the response rate. Good customer service not only create new buyers but also it helps to turn new buyers to returning buyers. Also, it can help buyers to leave a positive review.

10. Refunds and Negative Feedback

Well this is a very bad situation.

But it happens.

Now, there are some buyers who might leave a negative or unfair review.

Try to contact with your client and solve it immediately. If nothings work out, accept it and try to bring more sales.

If you are a newbie in Fiverr the negative reviews will affect your ranking in Fiverr a lot and will affect you to get sales.

Once you start getting hundreds of reviews, it doesn’t hurt much.

Fiverr Customer support might help you to remove negative review after refund, it used to be the case earlier. From 2017, Fiverr changed this case, it cannot help you much with reviews.

Tip: It is better to refund if things got worse, don’t try to fight with the buyer, try to talk to your client and don’t let them leave you negative feedback. Always remember buyer wins in Fiverr! Simple as that, I learned this very hard way. With that being said, not all buyers are bad. Just a few of them are bad.

11. Average Selling Rate

An average selling rate is the average amount of earning you have with your orders.

If you have your orders over $100 consistently without having any orders in between that number, then your average selling rate will be $100.

Fiverr search shows buyers Gigs based on their budget, so buyers when they choose the budget your gig will show up. This is because your average selling rate matches with the budget.

You need to focus on this from your beginning days as when you first start selling, this is because, it becomes hard to change the Average Selling rate when you have around 100 orders.

Tips: If you have a buyer who orders frequently from you, request him to buy a bundled order and this will increase your average selling rate

12. On Time

You must to make sure your Gig delivery time is aligned with the capacity of work they can handle.

Because if you deliver the order late, no matter how long you are late delivering, the Fiverr will reduce your delivery rate.

13. Order to Earning Proportion

You can have few orders but with good price point. You need to set a goal like, Earning $1,000 with 30 Reviews.

This is the best way to reach a consistent order and the Fiverr search algorithm will start liking you!

So, this specific Earning proportion goal, you can customize based on your preference.

It helps you during your beginning or growing stage in Fiverr.

14. Seller Levels

Seller levels helps to promote your gigs. You start as a new seller and you need to reach your first goal as Level one seller.

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You need to have $400 for level one seller and once you cross $2,000 you become level 2 seller.

Try to first complete 10 orders and earn your level 1 badge as sooner as you can. Once you become level 1 seller, it would be easier to transition to level 2 seller.

If you become level 2 seller, it would bring you more orders and trust from buyers!

Tips: It usually take about 1 month to reach level 1 seller. To achieve this, you need to spend more of your energy to get your 1 -3 order, it can be from outside fiverr or even from your friends!

15. Gig Description

You need to add keyword in your description and it should be in the first few lines of your paragraph.

Gig should also be optimized for Fiverr SEO way, so it can be indexed better.

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Tips: Add your keyword twice in your description. Don’t force it make is natural.

16. URL

URL of your Gig will be auto-generated by fiverr and it cannot be changed later.

So, make sure to write the correct Keywords in your Gig Tile. URL will be generated from the Gig Title.

Gig with URL, helps you to rank better in Fiverr.

18. Fiverr Profile

Setting up a profile with a detailed-oriented aspect is important.

Write your bio in a simple and straight forward way. Most buyers usually read the profile before making a choice to buy your gig.

This space explains about you. In the Profile description, explain your niche and few lines about things you enjoy. It makes you more approachable.

Connect your social media to your profile, it helps to increase your credibility

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Tips: Find some best profile in your niche and get ideas to put your service. Make sure you add your own thoughts to spice things up. In the last lines, explain something you really enjoy, make it a more human conversation. Don’t just shove your service in the complete profile section!

19. Grammar and Spelling

Proper grammar and spelling is a quality signal, especially you are offering some service relate to language.

it is also will affect customer find you in Fiverr service list.

20. Complete Account

Make sure you fill up all the sections in the profile and in your gig sections. Upload videos, Images and related PDF as many as your gig allows.

Fill out all the information. It should be 100% completed.

More relevant stuff you add to your, more “complete” your gig appears to the buyer. It helps in better sales!

This also helps you with Fiverr indexing.

Incomplete profile will raise a credibility issues to buyers! Don’t take a chance.

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21. Stealing or Hijacking Accounts

Copying profile from other sellers is very bad and it could not bring any benefits. It will hurt your account badly and also result in punishments.

Also, if you cannot deliver the same quality as the original seller, easily buyers will notice it and will start posting negative reviews and this could be disaster and not totally worth it.

This will affect your Gig ranking to a significant level and later even if you tried to recover, it will be super difficult.

It is plain waste of time. So, don’t bother doing it.

22. Fiverr Active Index

If you don’t get any new messages from buyer or orders, it could be probably that Fiverr search index filtered your gig with less hits.

It is always better to change or edit your gig description if there is not much of luck.

Do some activity in Fiverr. It helps with active indexing. Don’t keep your account idle.

Pro Tips: Check the first 5 popular gigs in your niche and then try to setup your gig-based on that. Make sure to keep an eye on the Fiverr first 5 popular gigs at least once a week.

23. Stay Online

Remember, working through Fiverr means you need to treat this like a professional job.

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Stay online whenever you start your work, same like when you are in office, you make sure you start and finish your job on a specific time as scheduled.

Apply this to your Fiverr account as well.

Once you start working, open your Fiverr app or website and keep it online, read messages and respond on time.

 If you are online, it appears in your profile and buyers will also be notified that you are online.

More you stay online while working, help you to bring more businesses and buyers will contact online sellers as they can get quick response.

Pro Tips: Staying online increases your conversion rate better. As you respond fast, send the custom quotation and buyer can quickly make decision and accept your offer!

24. Gig Title (SEO Optimized)

If you want to rank well in Fiverr, you must have fully optimized Gig Title, that has proper keywords and SEO friendly Title.

Mostly, Fiverr pick the Gig that has great SEO optimized title and you get better chance to raise up in the rank.

Pro Tips: Don’t Overcrowd Keywords. Try to rank for one keyword better compared to multiple keywords.

25. Increase Gig Statistics

Increasing Gig impression is super important it helps you to rank faster and climb up to first page. Pay attention to it when you create new Gig or Keywords.

Tips: Stats are like quick boosts in Fiverr. Whenever you see a drop in Stats. It means time for you to boost it. Check it regularly. I recommend at least every 30 days once!

26. Fiverr Gig Tags

You can search better Tags (Keywords) for your gig based on your competitor and Fiverr allow you to add up to 5 Tags.

Tags are very important fundamental element of your Ranking Factor.

Tags, helps you with better impressions and Gig Ranking. If you have good Tags, it will help you to increase your visibility in Fiverr.

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Tips: Don’t change your Tags often, you will want to change one at a time to keep the variable down, and then see how your impression change over the course of 30 days before making another change.

27. Gig Specific Bonuses

Boost Client Orders: Instead of creating bonuses that are order specific, you can create bonuses that are gig specific.

Let’s see this with an example: I have a logo gig, offering clients 1 logo concept for $30.

Which Bonus would be better solution?

Option Bonus 01: An Extra logo concept on every order.

Option Bonus 02: A video showing how to edit one of my logos

Options Bonus 01 is good, but not practical and time-consuming.

Options Bonus 02 can be easily recycled for each and every order without much additional time. More like a passive delivery!

This is how you need to focus your bonuses.

It helps with repeated orders and good reviews!  Buyers think they get more for their orders.

Win – Win Approach. It boosts your Gig impression and Reviews.

Tips: More bonuses can be provided to repeated or loyal buyers. This make them special and always say to them that you provide this additional service to only selected buyers. Make them special!

28. Gig Chunks

Don’t offer a complete feature in one go.

Break your gig in to pieces and let the client choose the features that they want. If they want complete features, they can pay for all.

Break the gigs in to individual components depending upon the time you invest on creating it. This will help you to push gig extras and earn higher revenue.

Buyers can pick based on their appetite.

Provided Choices! It lets you earn more!

Let’s see this by an example:

If you are selling 2D artworks with characters and Background. You can break it in to features/Pieces and charge accordingly.

  • Black line – art (Busty Only)
  • Black line – art (Full Body)
  • Flat Color
  • Detailed Color
  • Simple Background
  • Complex Background
  • Commercial Use
  • Source Files

You can pretty much get an idea. Get Creative add more choices/Flavors to your Gigs.

This helps you with repeated purchase orders and will help you with better gig ranking.

29. First Order – High Priority

If you are new to Fiverr and just starting up. Your full focus should be on getting your first client and first order as soon as possible.

You can ask one of your friends to buy your gig and write a good review for you! As this will help you to rank better and start getting new orders from buyers.

Make sure you do it in next 24 – 48 hours from the day of joining Fiverr as your Fiverr ranking system will keep you in the first or second page in your gig category under new comer’s section.

Once you get your first order during this time, you get a good chance to climb up the ladder! So get your order immediately.

Tips: You can try to promote your Gig externally and focus your energy for marketing on the first few months.

30. Saved Gigs

Managing Bookmarks: Fiverr allows buyers to save gigs that they like by adding them to their saved gigs.

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If many buyers save your gigs, it means you are getting attention and increase in impressions. This will help you with more click and view counts.

Tips: If there is more Saved Gigs happening in your gigs, it means more attention. Try to convert it to sales, by providing some flashing discounts or some gig extras!

31. Video-Flying Gig – Extreme Boost

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In Fiverr if you have a Gig with video, it has 300% higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and Buyer will engage with that gig compared to gig without video.

It is a proven fact from Fiverr, the Fiverr recommend that.

Not only that, if you create a Gig video, you have user engagement by 40%.

This also helps you with impressions, clicks and views.

I have personally tried this and strongly recommend it. It also gives you a competitive edge from other sellers without videos.

Recommended Format is MP4 file format. Length of the video should around 55 seconds or less. Size less than 50 MB.

Tips: Keep your video interesting and to the point. Don’t add all your works. Only add the best of best. Short and interesting.

32. Bribing Client for Referrals

This is something that is overly underrated in Fiver. It is called as referral marketing.

If you already have a buyer who gave you 5 star reviews and love your service.

They know your service, and if they recommend your gig to their friends and colleagues. It would bring you way more orders that you could think of.

All you need to do is a little nudge or incentive to actually ask them to help you by bringing more buyers from their circle.

  • Free Upgrades on the deliverable, or some extra bonus
  • If you are doing design concept, send them 2 concepts instead of 1
  • Free Upgrade for every person they have referred to you

Once you delivered an order, and they left you a 5-star review. You can simply create a template message and send them for referrals.

It increases your reviews and impressions! Not just that, your orders will increase.

33. Response Time Rate Indicator

It tracks a seller’s first response to a new request.

Also, it is important to continue responding to buyers until a conversation has concluded, later messages are not a factor in the overall response rate.

Response Rate indicator last 60 days of seller’s activity.

Responsiveness influences the traffic that sellers receive, it is a must that sellers need to keep a good response time and rate.

Tips: Create a template message (Quick Response Message) and send it once you receive messages from buyers. It helps you with higher response rate and convert it to sales as soon as you can. Helps you with increased traffic in Fiverr.

34. Sales Drop After Gig Update

Don’t try to often change description, tags and title of your gig. It will have a significant impact in your sales.

Fiverr uses algorithm based on various key factors in your gig for driving traffic and sales.

If you try to change the gig keywords often, you can see drop in your impression and in sales rate.

Do it only if your gig is not performing well and test it with your under performing gig. Don’t try to change if often without any valid reason.

Tips: Check your Gig Performance and if you see a drop-in sale, then you can try to edit one thing at a time and see how it performs. Don’t try to change everything in your gig at once. It will have a negative impact.

35. Healthy Profile Traffic

Keep your account healthy. It is recommended to get fresh and new traffic from organic Fiverr search system.

Maintain Order completion, Response Rate and Delivered on time at 100% if not, at least 90%. Otherwise, you will have a negative impact on your sales.

It drops your impression and traffic index.

Tips: Use automated templates for quick messaging. If you want extension for delivery, notify buyer and extend your submission time. This will help you to maintain healthy account.

36. Good Customer Service

All the Buyers like good customer service from the seller. And good customer service not only can make a new client be your remain client but also can get a positive review.

Don’t try to fight with your client, because you cannot win, the only result you will get is lost client and get one negative review.

Try your best to provide better quality work on time. 

Don’t assume things and waste buyers’ time. If you have a question, ask the buyer don’t hesitate to ask! Collaboration with the buyer makes the work better!

37. Detailed Reviews

If you get a review from your buyers, immediately reply to the review.

Make sure to write unique response and add your keyword in that review. Don’t force it, make it natural. It helps in Fiverr ranking to certain degree.

Most buyer, read reviews before contacting or purchasing your gig. So, if you reply to reviews, it shows your engagement and more chances to attract new buyers!

At least during your growing stage of business.

Tip: Write a reply in an honest and attractive way. Don’t just simply type a reply “Thanks for your order!” Write a few lines which explain your experience with the seller. Keep in mind the new buyers read the reviews before they place the order!

38. Viral or Trend Traffic

This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your gig in good volume. When there is something going around in viral, usually buyers will use that keyword to search for gigs.

You can use this chance to get more orders. Create gig based on this viral trend and spice up your gig.

If you are a logo designer, you can check the style of gig that is viral or trendy for that specific year, create your gig based on that with your unique style. New age geometry and elevated negative space style logo is hot in 2019.

If you are providing any other service, you can use the above example and apply it to your expertise area. Just get creative and keep your eye open to the trend.

Tips: Check out recent trend that is going around in social media and other news channels. Stay updated!

39. File Name Key Word Boost

Include your keyword in the filename for the image on your Fiverr Gig.

When you upload images to your gig, the name of the file is very important. If you upload an image with the file name “IMG542.JPG” – It is useless.

If you change the file name and use relevant keyword, then this will be recognized by the algorithm on Fiverr.

Example: “Your Fiverr Name Sports Logo 01”

Simple and effective.

Tips: Use this for all your images and portfolio uploads in your gig

40. Quick Boost with $5 Gigs

If you are having tough time or dry spell with your gigs. Quick way to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) is by offering $5 Gig with 12- 24 hour’s delivery.

Try to get few orders with this low-priced gig to maintain your rating and impressions.

Once you picked up by Fiverr traffic, your higher priced gigs will also start selling.

Tips: Since you will be offering $5 gig with 12 -24 hours. Try to deliver it within few hours from order time. This will bring you happier customers and it means, chances for 5 star reviews will increase. Stick with template style services for these low-priced gigs.

41. Community Engagement:

If you want to be a Top-Rated Seller, engage in the Fiverr community. Participate in the Fiverr Community page and on the Fiverr Social Media page!

You can also soft pitch your gig there. Don’t shove it in all the Fiverr feeds. Simply engage in a natural way. Ask and share your thoughts. Make your presence!

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Tips: Join in both Buyer and Seller Community in Fiverr. This helps you to get advice from pro sellers and what type of requirement buyers has in buyer community.

42. Low Priced Basic Package

After you get promoted by Fiverr to level 2 or top-rated seller. Still, keep the basic gig package.

Keep your basic package at lower price. It is very important that many buyers look for cheaper cost, this will get many buyers to click your gig.

So have a low-priced package in your gig, this will bring buyers to your gig and during the process, they might later upgrade to your premium packages.

It also helps you maintain your gig impression and CTR rate stable.

Tips: If you have multiple gigs, at least have one gig with a basic package price point. You don’t need to do this for all gigs.

43. Gig – SEO Keyword

Keyword by using proper key words and Tags with optimized structure.

If your gig doesn’t have SEO keywords setup, Fiverr algorithm cannot pick your gig in search indexes. Your buyers cannot find your gig and you will lose sales! So, make sure, you do it right.

Read this article to write an optimized and efficient Gig in fiverr.

44. Multiple Gig Hack

To increase the rate of being hired, you can create multiple gigs in the same category. But make sure with different sub categories.

For instance: In Logo design you can create two gigs: One for “Quick Editing Logo” and another one “Custom Logo Creation”.

This helps you with the search indexing.

Tip: Check your title from your competitor that are bestselling and try to create fewer variation. Be specific! Don’t generalize your title.

45. Gig Promotion

Don’t just depend on Fiverr to bring traffic. Promote Your Fiverr Gig online to increase sales is also very important.

You need to put some effort as well. Just go to different Social Media sites like Facebook, linked in to promote your gig.

Blogs and Forums is your best deal when you can’t find much buyer or traffic from Fiverr.

Tip: Spend at least 2 days a week (Weekend or when you have a dry spell with fiverr) to go to various Forums and Blogs to engage with buyers and send your link there. Facebook Pages related to your service is a good way to find buyers.

46. Quick Boost to Reach the First Page

Positive reviews help boosting your gig super-fast! Try creating a simple gig for $5. It can sell very fast and proven in Fiverr for many years!

Put some extra hours to get some positive reviews though $5 is practically nothing. But you need this to reach level 2 faster.

Not just that, micro-pay format helps buyers to take quick decision. Since you are not an experienced seller, high tickets might not work in your favor!

Pro Tips: Until you reach level 2 seller. Work on quick $5 gigs, so you can accumulate multiple positive reviews and can climb faster in the Fiverr indexing system.

47. Fiverr Spam Flagging System

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Make sure to check messages on Fiverr website or App. Don’t rely on notification or email.

Fiverr sometime mark messages as spam, so you might not get a notification from buyers and there is a chance of losing some clients. This is because, fiverr system sometime accidentally flag messages as spam and you won’t be notified!

So, only way is to check your messages on the Fiverr website to see any flagged messages and if you think it is not a spam, unflag and continue the business with the buyer.

Tips: If you don’t respond to auto spammed messages, it will not affect your response rate. However, it is better to check your messages often. Check Spam Folder inbox in fiverr website. So, you don’t lose some buyers!

48. New Clients Messages

When new buyers messaged you, make sure to answer in a template way. This is very important in your initial stage until you reach level 2 seller.

Not only this will help you to reply faster, but also saves time!

Example: Hi …., Thanks for reaching out to me. I offer … service at … price point. I do also offer …. number of revisions for … price. If you place the order in next 12 hours, I can completely provide this revision for Free. Check out my previous works here: … If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Faster conversation and converting it to sales boost your ranking!

Tips: Most buyers Simply Type Hi or Hello and wait for your response. So, just don’t simply type Hi or Hello and then wait back again. Use template messages as it would be efficient and faster.

49. Ads Boosting

Ads boosting is important to get more exposure and traffic. You can pick any budget that you prefer. Choose one set of keywords, don’t try to use many keywords.

For better keywords, use google search and see ADS in the first page. Copy those ads word-for-word and edit them to be relevant to your keywords and listing.

You can run the Ads campaign in Google and Facebook. Both of these platforms bring good amount of traffic and it helps Fiverr search index hits!

Treat this like a gambling. So, play with small numbers in the beginning. It is not super important, but if you need that extra push for your gig, this would help!

You can bring traffic from many Free platforms, such as promote your Fiverr service in social media.

Pro Tips: Start with $5 a month campaign and see how much it brings traffic and if it is possible to convert it to sales, it is worth to invest more.

50. Buyer Requests

You can access this from More Menu in Fiverr, Buyers will post their requests and you can simply apply to this request to get projects.

Buyer requests help you to find projects in case if you don’t have any buyers contacting you directly.

Buyer requests help in getting some quality projects, you need to search for various projects and can apply the one that you find better.

Buyer requests helps you to increase your Fiverr activity.

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Tips: When applying for buyer request, send an offer with relevant samples and detailed message. It helps you win the project as most sellers use automated messages to send random offers!

51. Social Media Gig Promotion

Social media gig promotion helps you to increase your traffic in Fiverr. You can share your gig in social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

This helps not only to create traffic, but also you get a chance to reach potential buyers. This will also boost your gig visibility in Fiverr system.

Don’t just share your gig link. No one really care about your gig.

Create a content that would interest buyers. Videos should be interesting and creative.

Tips: Video that you create for YouTube should not be boring, create an interesting and creative video that attracts viewers and put your gig link in the description. Don’t shove your service to viewers, people hate sales video.

52. Forums and Blogs Promotion

This is another way to promote your gig and you can get descent traffic to your Fiverr gig. You can use Forums like Reddit, lancebase.com etc.

Forums and blogs help you to get good amount of external traffic that boost your gig views in Fiverr system.

When using Forums and Blogs, engage in conversation and get opinions and grow your way in. Don’t shove your gig links, it is the laziest and most in effective way.

Do it natural. Engage in conversation and get opinions. This will be more effective and rewarding way!

You can click here to read more about Forums and Blog promotion in detail, I have covered in detail about this.

Tips: Don’t try to join all the forums and blogs out there! Join forums and blogs that have a specific audience for your niche or service!

53. Writing Blog Posts

This is one of the best ways to promote your Gig outside Fiverr and to bring traffic. This will also help you with increased impressions.

One of the best and effective way to promote your Fiverr gig is to create content around your service and write blog posts related to it.

Use twitter, to promote your posts.

However, if you don’t have time or patience, post tweets with links to informative and interesting articles related to your service.

Use Buffer to schedule tweets to your posts (or articles) in advance, and keep them consistent and relevant.

54. Category Search

let’s assume buyers need logo. They will go to logo design category. Fiverr will show gigs which are only performing well. If your account statistics is good, then Fiverr will show your gig with better ranking.

You can also see the search filter option. If you targeting new buyers, then you have to rank better in bestselling filter. As best-selling filter is selected by default in Fiverr.

If you target experienced buyers (have already ordered at least one gig in Fiverr) then in this case, you have to rank your gig in recommended filter search result page.

Tips: If you are a new seller, I would recommend to use Keyword Search. You can use Buyer Request page, to get some orders if you are totally new to fiverr and if you don’t have even one order or review.

55. Keyword Search

Let’s say, you have created a gig for mascot logo, you have added “logo design” in your category.  You can pick up Mascot/Cartoon Design in your sub category. This will help you with boost in ranking keyword.

Make sure, you add the seed key word Mascot Logo, in your description, Title, Tags and in FAQ. It helps in better search index and ranking. Click here to read about how to setup your Gig for SEO optimization.

However, if you are doing general logo design, then you don’t need to specify Mascot/Cartoon. This means as long as buyer type Logo in the search box, your gig might show up. 

If Buyer Type Mascot logo in the search box, you have already mentioned “mascot logo” in your gig, you have a high chance to come up top in the category.

Tips: When you are a new seller in Fiverr. Don’t try to rank for hot keywords such as “logo” it would be too high competition. So, try to pick some specific styles like “3D” or “Mascot” and try to rank for it. You will have a better chance. You can easily rank in the first page. Make sure to search the competition in each style and pick your choice.

56. Stick to Loyal Customers or Repeated Buyers

Provide services that helps you get loyal customers.

Loyal customers are like repeated customers and they will help you with impressions and gig boost in Fiverr system. Not just that, you can count on them even if you don’t get any new orders

They not only provide you with Feedback, ratings and reviews which helps with your Fiverr boosting. This will help you to get new buyers and traffic to your gig.

During your dry time, existing and loyal buyers, keep you warm!

Tips: If you have repeated buyers, often greet them during the seasonal time and keep in touch with them. It helps you to build a stronger relationship. Also, when you create new gigs, share it with them. Build a strong bond.

57. High Value Package to Increase Revenue

If you don’t have high package gig, it means you’re leaving money on the table.

High Value package means the expensive package in your offer. Let’s say you have 3 price Gig Packages, $10, $30 and $80. $80 package will be your expensive or high value package.

The opportunity for the buyers to spend on your product, simply by offering them with choices.

Though most go for the standard or middle option.  There will be some, who always go for expensive option.

So, if you offer single price, you remove the ability for the people to give you more money for a premium package.

This also help you with increase ranking or high boost in your profile. As highest price deal, increases your Gig score.

Tips: Don’t try to do this on all your gigs. First start with one of your gigs, do a trial and then slowly implement on all the gigs with proper pricing strategy.



You have completed 57 tips that increase your Fiverr sales for 2019 and you need to put all these tips to work.

I’m sure, you will see an well performance in your gig and succeed on Fiverr.

I would like to hear what you have to say:

Which tip, helped you most?

Or , do you have any other good tips want to share with Freelancer on Fiverr.com.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


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