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Make Money on Fiverr: 24 Tips to Promote Your Gig and Increase Sales 2019

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I believe most people register in Fiverr want to make money on Fiverr, but with hundreds and thousands of competitors, how would you make your Fiverr gig outstanding and get more orders, it is one of the great challenges.

Today I’m going to reveal 24 Fiverr tips and tricks which can increase Fiverr ranking and make money on Fiverr.

In fact:

These are the same strategies that I used to get increased views and sales in less than few weeks!

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Make Money on Fiverr-Why You Dont Have Sales in Fiverr

 Why You Don't Have Sales on Fiverr
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If your Fiverr gig views are less, sales are less, then you need to fix your Fiverr Profile Description and gig title.

But if you’re getting enough views and yet there are not enough sales, it could be due to the way you communicate with your client and convert them to your sales .

Strategy # 1:Before Start Make Money on Fiverr, Try to Understand What Exactly Service Your Client Looking For

Dont written your gig about yourself, Write it about the customer’s needs.

Most seller come to Fiverr platform will start create gig immediately without any research, after wait for one week and one month, no client no business, then they left Fiverr.

Are you one of them?

Fiverr isn’t a lottery, if you want make money on this platform isn’t luck, you need to know which service most clients looking for.

The idea is not to give a wild guess your way in to a profitable service, but t o spot a top selling gigs by looking in to the specific data.

In Fiverr, the closest data we can get in to is the number of reviews a gig has.

How to do know what service your client looking for?

Let me to show you.

For example: Your service is article wiring.

Type “article writing” in the Fiverr search bar.

Then click “best selling” , normally we consider the gig have more reviews are top selling gig.

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From above image, you can see client like article writing gig have “SEO” “the number of words” “deliver time” and price start from $5.

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So, right now you know how to modify your gig now.

Strategy #2: Write A Great Title For Your Gig

One of the best tools you can use to improve your chances of getting noticed and making sales is meta-analysis, and what this means is doing an analysis of multiple analyses.

For instance, find a seller in your category who has a great success. Check how he/she wrote the title?

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Look at the keywords in the title and analyze why they used it. Then take another seller that is successful in your category and do the same.

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Strategy #3 : Write A Great Description

Use the same technique for the Gig description that you did for the title. Check the words that appear most frequently among a dozen or more successful sellers?

Most of these sellers aren’t working together, but a meta-analysis will explain that they have all in common. There should be a reason for this.

Don’t just copy all the words. Just get the idea and use your own way to write.

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Strategy # 4:Write An Honest Title

On the titles, describe only what you can deliver. For instance, as a client who want a logo design, they might come across illustrator who do the same thing with some variations.

Also, some sellers will not specify what is delivered on the gig, insist all clients to contact the buyers first, no proper pricing. All these things will lead to confusion and make un-fun experience for buyers.

Write what is offered in your gig, pricing and what buyers can expect for the dollars spent.

Strategy #5: Review Is Gold, Get Your First Positive Review

The Factors that affect Your Gig Ranking in Fiverr have a lot and the review is one of them.

Buyer always trust seller with more positive reviews and think they are more profession than newbie, even thought you may have more than 10 years’ experience. 

Imagine after you did promotion for your Fiverr gig, bringing the traffic, but your gig doesn’t have any review, do you really think client will click it or even care to place an order.

More Positive reviews = More Orders

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(Normal , not all the clients will leave a review, the number of orders will be twice of reviews)

Most buyers don’t want to take risk to try new sellers or sellers with no reviews.

So, get some reviews first.

More positive reviews you have not only can win client trust, but also will push your Fiverr gig ranking and get more fiverr impressions in Fiverr page.

For newbie, the first Review is really difficult to get through Fiverr. However, I will teach you how simply to get the first review quick and safe.

  1. Get the reviews form your friends and family, it is easy and quick way.
  2. Exchange reviews with another new Fiverr seller
  3. Offer specious service package to your client to win your first client and first review

Such as “buy one get one for free” “24 hours finish” etc.

Important: When you doing exchange review must be careful. In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one account at the same location, for example, an account for each family member. But NOT allowed purchase from one another. Otherwise, Fiverr may ban your account. (For myself)

Strategy #6: Match Everthing

Write your gig title, description, and tags all match.

Having at least one of the same matching keywords in all three sections helps you to get better search ranking in Fiverr.

Also, when you provide a niche-based offer, don’t just use niche tags. You can also try to add tags focus on larger category keywords, so your gig will be more visible to audience.

Strategy #7: Grammar & Spelling

Remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation and all the other important elements that create a professional appearance.

Your client may not be a grammar nerd, but they can easily sport poorly written copy.

Fiverr is a marketplace that is developed for English speaking clients, So the odds are stacked again, non-native speakers.

If you find it difficult to write your gig, try to find some one from fiverr with good skill in writing and they could probably help you out better.

Strategy #7: Use Everything

Upload a banner image. Upload Video to your gig. Upload preview images, make sure to add as many preview images as allowed.

Upload PDF file portfolios as many as it is allowed.

If you are not sure about the content to add. You can simply use the space as areas for extended description of your service or an opportunity to describe your offer.

Don’t keep anything blank. Utilize the space, more you make it look filled up with relevant data, more it looks “complete” to buyers. Also, it provides better idea to client as what they can expect from your gig offer.

Best Ways to Promote Your Fiverr Gigs

After setup your Fiverr portfolio and gigs, you can start promoting your gig and bring more traffic to increase the ranking in Fiverr.

Strategy #8: Get Traffic from Forums and Blogs

This is one of the best and efficient way to get your buyers.

You can use Reddit and other forums related to your service. Make sure you don’t just drop your Fiverr Gig link. Instead, make it natural in the forums and blogs.

Engage in conversation and get opinions and grow your way in.

Example: If you are a logo designer, join logo design forums and blogs and write articles, answer questions and also get opinions.

 Get Traffic from Forums and Blogs: logo design groups in reddit
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You can drop your gig link and ask people opinion, this is a potential for indirect marketing.

Pro Tips: Be Specific! Don’t try to join ALL the logo forums and blogs. Pick the best one in your niche and target only that specific group!

Popular Forums and Blogs: Reddit, lancebase.com, talkfreelance.com, forum.freelanceUk.com

Strategy #9: Social Media Promotion

This is most common and known source. If you have a good follower list, you can promote your Fiverr gig there with special discount or with some bonuses.

For example: You can create one Facebook page or group about your service.

 Social Media Promotion for Fiverr: logo design groups in Facebook
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In promoting, don’t just adding your gig link. Keep it engaging. Add related Memes and fun content to promote.

Just get creative with your content.

Strategy #10: YouTube Promotion

Easier way is to create a video related to your gig and publish it in YouTube with the link to your gig in the description.

Make sure your title and description are optimized and have proper keywords.

Simple sharing of your gig video or link is totally useless!

You need to create content that is engaging to viewers and must have some fun or creative element.

Use Memes – related to your service. It gets more attention.

Just don’t do plain, boring videos!

Add your Gig link in the YouTube video description.

Pro Tips: Send messages to the related YouTube video channels and contact them if they need your service. Create a template message and contact youtubers. As some youtubers might need logo or software for their channel.

Strategy #11: Answer questions in Quora

Quora is a place where people ask different questions and you get potential client by giving answer to their question.

For example, let’s assume your service is social medio marketing and if you see some questions related to service, try answering it and put our gig link with your answer. Don’t spam!

Pro Tips: When answering questions in Quora, don’t use only your link, put 2 -3 links as it might sound not like promotion and the readers might think they have a choice and it is not a plain advertisement of your gig alone. But make sure to add your gig link on top followed with others.

Strategy #12: Yahoo Answers

This is one of the best ways to reach potential buyers, as there are still users who uses yahoo answers to get suggestions. Use this platform to answer questions related to your service.

Strategy #13: Press Release

One of the best and effective way to promote your Fiverr gig is to create content around your service and write blog posts related to it. Use twitter, to promote your posts, as we as your gig directly.

However, if you don’t have time or patience, post tweets with links to informative and interesting articles related to your service.

Use Buffer (add a link) to schedule tweets to your posts (or articles) in advance, and keep them consistent and relevant.

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Through few tweets advertising your Gig on Fiverr every now and then – I’d suggest at least one advertisement for every 8 or 9 tweets. Don’t shove just advertisement of your gig. Quickly people will unfollow.

Create tweets with attractive images to entice people. This massively increases the chance that people will click on your link. I’d recommend using Canva for the images – its free to use and create graphics faster!

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Track down people who would potentially buy your service. I recommend using Manage Filter to follow specific accounts with keyword related to your article!

Extra Bonus for Make Money on Fiverr

Apart from set up your Fiverr gig and descriptions, also market your gig.

There are some extra tips to improve your gig ranking in Fiverr.

Strategy # 14:Encourage People To Save & Share Your Gigs

User can simply click any gig with a clickable button, either from search results page or from the gig itself.

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There is a counter on these metrics which indicates that Fiverr uses this as a quality signal, so it is always best practice to encourage users to favorite your gigs… even if they are not interested in placing the order.

This is also will be a social proof that many buyers are interested in your gig.

You can also ask your friend and family member to help you or exchange with other Fiverr seller.

Strategy # 15:Create Multiple Gig to Support Your Service

how to make your client cannot get out your service and keep on purchasing your gig.

The answer is creating different gig support you service.

How to do it?

For example, your service is writing article 

Go to Fiverr service list, and type “writing ” in search bar.

Don’t click “entry” , then you can see one pull-down list.

Actually, this is keyword that client searching often.

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In the list display:

  • article writing
  • writing a resume
  • writing
  • essay writing
  • write blog
  • creative writing

You can choose one or two keywords which relate to your service.

You also can pick one keyword, then put it in search bar and to do more deeply research.

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For example, put “article writing” in the search bar, then you will get some more new keywords.

  • write article for seo
  • article writing english
  • dental article writing
  • urdu article writer
  • write legal articles

You can continue to do research until you find enough keywords to create different gigs to support your service.

Strategy #16: Use an AFK Message Template To Maintain A Stellar Response Time 

Average Response time is very crucial on Fiverr.

If a client browses the platform, most of them look at average response time of the seller.

This is because, buyers always want a quick response time from the sellers it helps buyer to be satisfied and give a peace of mind before jumping in to placing the order.

It is also a direct ranking factor. Also, it leads to engagement and sales.

It is not realistic to be answering new message every hour or so.

Fiverr, only measure the time difference between a buyer’s message and your first reply.

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You can take great advantage of it!

Simply use away from keyboard message. Use a template message immediately after a buyer’s message, also you can let the buyer know when they can get a personalized reply from you.

Fiverr provides quick template reply right from your inbox.

This way, no mater how busy you are, you can always take 20 seconds or less to insert Away From keyboard template message and send it.

Strategy #17: Cold Calling and Out Reach

Cold calling strategies worked for years! And it might be for selected sellers.

If there are no orders, you can go to best sellers in your niche and from their reviews, you can get some buyers information and cold call or email them.

Most people hate spam! But you need to play smart. Don’t just be lazy and send your gig links to potential buyers’ email. They might block you or may report you to Fiverr.

Get creative with it. Be charming to pull this off without offending your buyers!

Many sellers use this strategy, like I said, it might not be for everyone, but nothing wrong in trying this strategy and find your luck.

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In the above example, you can see the buyers contact information, simply use google to get the buyers website. you can y contact them through their email or other contact information provided in their website.

You can also contact them through their social media pages. Since you have their business name, you can reach them through social media.

Strategy #18: Buyer Requests

This is one of the features inside Fiverr that would help you when you don’t get many sales or during your initial stages!

You can get to this by simply clicking on More from the main menu and select Buyer Request.

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This is usually place where buyer post their requests and you can send your offer and this has a good chance if you write a customized offer.

Most sellers send a template message which is not that effective. You can add a customized offer depending on the client requirement.

Pro Tip: In this you can find some quality buyers, if you can put a right price and show some portfolio related to their requirement will help you to win the offer.

Strategy #19: Referrals From Clients

Referrals is a good way to earn new buyers. It is powerful and yet less utilized!

If you have buyers who are satisfied with your work and you built a long terms partnership working with that buyer, why don’t you ask them for referrals?

Chances are they might introduce you to someone who might need similar work. I found few new buyers through this method.

However, for the effective use of this method, you must have good professional work ethics along with good business relationship with your buyer. Many sellers use this strategy and you can try it too…

Pro Tips: You can also give some discount or special offers, if your existing buyer introduced you to their friends.

Strategy #20: Guest Posts Strategy

Guest posts is very effective and least used method. Most bloggers are typically after new and fresh contents.

You can simply ask them to post a guess blog on their websites in exchange for a link to your gigs.

Focus on writing a post that brings real value to readers instead of plain advertisement of your Service.

Example: If you are a logo designer, write a blog post about 2019 new unique logo designing methods.

This helps you to increase views and bring traffic to your blog!

Pro Tips: Contact Bloggers that are rising in your niche, as this type of blogger will accept your blog quite easier compared to top 1% blogger. AS new buyers need ore content

Pro Tips: before you write the guest posts, check the website as how much traffic they generate and ensure the website is legit.

Strategy #21: E-mail List Building

Create email list of your potential buyers.

Use your social media, Blog, Website etc. Use Mail Opt-in to create email list for newsletter.

A simple way is it create a Mail Opt-in and the user can download Free content. Opt-in will prompt the user to type their email, so you can send the free content to their email.

Important key factor is to create valuable content for the readers, so they want to type their email and get your Free newsletter or content that you are planning to provide to the readers.

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For example: If you are selling Logo design gigs. Create a web page or blog post with an article stating 10 ways to build best logo for your brand.

Then, in the end of the article ask the user to fill in the email, so they can get the complete list which has over 30 ways to build best logo along with bonuses For Free.

You can also place the Mail Opt-in to appear after X number of seconds when visitors stay on your site.

Provide Value! Don’t just shove your Gig link.

Pro Tips: Make sure you use MailChimp email services for sending newsletter after you collected emails using your email opt-in. In the newsletter, add your Fiverr gig link in the end. Make it natural.

Strategy #22: No Copy Cats.

Don’t copy other sellers’ gigs.

Don’t copy. Never do it.

It is totally dishonest and rude and not worth your time.

Original seller will find you, report you to fiverr and your gig will be taken down. If not, your entire account will be closed.

Not just that, if you copy gig and cannot deliver the same quality, buyers will find it. Trust me, they can spot your low-quality copied gig and slap a negative review.

So, don’t even think about doing it.

Strategy #23: Change is Awesome.

Fiverr has an internal search system equipped with ranking algorithm that works really well.

If you have no orders from your gig, it simply means something is wrong with your gig.

Check the Gig tile. Check if you can change video. Try editing your description.

Take a note of change and how it increases your sales.

Keep checking often.

Try to find new ways or once you find certain change brings positive wave to your gig, note it down.

Changes are always good.

Adapt and Apply.

On a side note, Fiverr give more impression to gigs that has recently edited videos. So, keep your gig fresh and updated.

If you have hard time with impression and clicks, update Gig video at least once a month.

Strategy #24: Deliver always on Time.

Delivering on time is one of the important factors in deciding your gig quality.

You need to focus on creating exceptional experience for buyers. Part of that involves delivering on time. Some time clients run you later with revisions and additional content.

Always, take multiple factors before setting your delivery time.

Try to always have additional time scheduled. So, don’t blame buyers.  

Instead you can WOW them with your work and guess what? if they really liked your faster turn around though buyers send you couple of changes, buyers will tip you and also you get positive review.

To calculate your orders and to do efficient delivery, I have attached below a spreadsheet that you can help you to calculate your completion rate.

It will show your total number of completed and cancelled orders, your order completion rate and how many cancellation/orders you should have to keep up with your completion rate above 90%

Now, it is your turn.

Focus on these 24 strategies which can help you get your gig out and make money on Fiverr!

You will eventually get there.

Which Strategy you found effective and helped you?

Or, maybe you have some question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I read each and every message. So, if you have any questions or would like to throw your comment, be my guest.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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