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How to Get Clients As Freelancer: 7 Tips To Find Oline Job Fast

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7 easy tips to get clients online as freelancer fast

As a freelancer, have you tried your best and couldn’t get any freelance clients and freelance job online?

You have good experience and even better skills than the other freelancers? But still client don’t want to give the project to you.

Sometime, though you have completed the first project successfully to the new client, still… client might not award other projects to you. This could be a problem as well.

In this article, I will show you 7 easy tips to get clients (or your first online job ) as freelancer fast.

Follow me, let’s go!

1. Figure out the Best Place to Find Your Client and Online Jobs – Fiverr vs Upwork vs Freelancer

Sometimes, you couldn’t get clients , may be just because you searching clients in a wrong place.

Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork, are among the best freelance websites for beginners and professional freelancers as well as employers.


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Get clients from Fiverr.com Freelance job website page

Fiverr .com offers different services starting from $5 per job or task and can go up to several thousands of dollars. Each job is referred as “gig” and payments are based on the number of gigs.

Fiverr allows freelancers to advertise their skillset and allow freelancers to pick the jobs they would like to offer to clients.

This structure allows Fiverr to be more suitable for small and quick jobs like logo and flyer design works.


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Get clients from Freelancer.com freelance job website page

This freelancing website offers freelancing services to millions of employers and freelancers worldwide to more than 247 countries.

Payments in freelancer platform are based on milestones completion.

Clients can post their job for free. Then freelancers bid those projects or clients can also invite freelancers or client can directly hire freelancers based on their portfolio in freelancer.com


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Get clients from Upwork.com online freelancer job website

The Upwork.com is same as freelancer.com, which is also on of the leading freelancing platform and has the largest pool of job seekers and employers.

Upwork has 12 million registered freelancers, over 5 million clients and there are 3 millions job posted annually in Upwork.com

If you are individual or student and want earn side hustle money, you can try Fiverr.com landing client.

Freelancer.com and Upwork.com more suitable for small team or company as you will find little big project there, especially in Upwork.com.

You also can find clients in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, but for me and most freelancers, the Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork are the very big freelance job gathering place.

You can get $5 small work and also more than $100,000 legitimate online jobs from these three websites. And also, you may meet some freelancing Scammers looking for luck, you need to know how to avoid those scammers.

After you find the place where you can find more clients, the next step is how to attract them and to your customer (or first client).

2. 5 Key Things Get Clients Attention

Most of us assume that a client’s decision to work with a freelancer is based on price and skill alone.

While this rational assessment does play a role in initial screening process, their final decision to work with you or not is influenced by the ability to trust you.

Since you will be doing business through online freelancing portals, it is limited for one new online client to know more about you.

They can only know you and attract by you through:

  • Your Portfolio (include description and sample work)
  • The Proposal that sent to the client
  • Reviews from your previous customer
  • The understanding of the client’s project
  • Your knowledge and skills related to the client’s project

3. Send An Attractive Proposal To Your Freelance Clients

Like I have mentioned that online client cannot see your face and behavious. So, your proposal will be your first “face” to them.

If you are search clients in Fiverr.com, then the first “face” will your portfolio description and sample work list in you gig.

If you are search clients in Fiverr.com, then the first “face” will your portfolio description and sample work list in your gig.

So, set up a proper Fiverr account portfolio and gig service description are very important.

Tips: Before start write down the proposal, make sure you have read the client project details, DON’T send the same proposal to all the clients.

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Show Interest In Your Proposal

When you are writing the proposal, show your interest for the work and ask some questions related to the project.

Customize each proposal based on each project is respect you customer.

This will make the client understand that you have really read his project requirement as many clients don’t like the freelancer bid their project without reading anything.

Provide Related Sample Work

Prepare yourself with appropriate and related portfolio links and solutions that you can share in proposal, it can increase the chance for you get client attention.

Don’t be Lazy, copy and paste the bunch of portfolios as a template to all clients.

Because for the most clients, they don’t have too much technical knowledge to judge which freelancer will be correct for their project, especially they need choose one freelancer from more than 100 or 200 freelancers list.

If you attach some similar or same sample work, which will help them to increase speed and get an attention on you.

Short Proposal Is Sweet

Since client will be browsing many proposals. They will like the one that is short, precise and to the point as it directly implies that you respect clients time.

4. 5-star Reviews Are Not Must But Is Necessary

Positive reviews are not must, but if you have will help you to increase the chance to get clients in freelancing websites.

5. 3 Ways To Get Your First Client Without Any Review And Experience

If you are newbie and don’t have any reviews in freelance website. How to get your first freelance client without any reviews?

Follow below tips also can win the project.

Try To Bid Or Apply Project Which You Have The Similar Or Same Portfolio

Normally, the client would like select a freelancer who have done similar work to their requirement rather than hire one freelancer who has never done it.

Don’t Put Highest Price and Lowest Price

Check client’s budget (if client have provided), make sure the price should not more than that.

When client select a freelancer will concern two things, one is ability and other one is price.

If client have put clear budget and mention “easy task”, “simple task” or “student work” in their job requirement, then you should understand, this client wont award the project to the freelancer who put high price.

If you put lowest price, it may affect your payment and also buyer might think you are selling low quality service.

So just put between price based on project and your time value.

Start for Free

It is only limited for small work, such as $5-$10 project, which won’t spend your too much time.

when you’re just starting out, sometimes it’s necessary to build your portfolio and pursue any opportunity that you can get.

You have to cautious and strategic when working for nothing.

Remember: Talk to the buyer before the project starts about getting some referrals when the project gets completed, since you know they’ll be satisfied with your work. Also, make sure this happens.

6. Communication Is Key – Make Client Trust You!

When client send a message to you and start chatting with you, that is means, you have achieved half successful.

Through communication with clients and build trust for each other is your next step.

When approaching clients to keep in mind that clients require your service, and they might not necessarily need to know everything about you . So, limited your topic around client’s project is good start.

Listen and Provide Choices

Listen carefully to their requirement. Provide few and appropriate choices and interact with the client with open ended questions, this will help the client to make choices and you can assist them with that.

This will build initial phase of trust ability between you and client. This also implies you are more understandable and approachable.

Understand Client’s Requirement Is First

If you don’t get better understanding of client requirement and try to puff out your chest and tout the qualities of your own freelancing business, this might turn down the client interest on you.

Remember: the client needs your service as a solution and if the client sees you as a partner of their organization—not just someone they hire for a specific task— you become much more important and trusted in their eyes.

7. Retain Customers: Get More Work from Existing Clients

After you got client and started working on his project, this process will be your very important step to turn this new client to be your permanent client and even they may referral other new clients to you.

It’s vital to befriend your client or prospect and make them like you – but you need to do this by still being genuine. How to do that…?

Show to the Client Each Progress

This will make the client think that they chose the right freelancer and you will not drop the ball.

Update the Project to Your Client Often

Make sure the project always in the correct way, and you are still working on.

Respond to the Client Immediately

You don’t need be online for 24 hours, tell clients when you will be available online usually.

So even you cannot replay them immediately, client will understand.

If you are going for holiday, also tell you client in advance, which will make client think you are a responsible person/ team.

Try to Pre-Deliver the Work Always!

So, this will leave you with the room for feedback and notify client if there is any extension needed for the revision.

This will avoid confusion and client will start liking to work with you as you start collaborating and working with them. This will build a strong relationship.

If you pre-deliver, you can request client or introduce additional addons to earn more.

It is better to do during this time, as client will be in merry mode and you can win loyalty points!

Be Honest and Face up the Issues

There will be some cases where we cannot keep up with the promises. Some time it’s just technical issue, somebody else you depend has not delivered.

Don’t play games and don’t try to hide the problem. Explain it with care and the possible solution to fix it. Client like honesty!

If you cannot meet the deadline or client ask you to do something that is beyond your scope, don’t overpromise it will hurt you really bad and lead you to lose client trust on you!

Remember: People remember bad things easily over good things! Brutal Truth.

What Are You Going to Do Now?

It is better to take action and give it another go rather than feeling hopeless or torn down in freelancing.

Don’t give up, use the above strategy and try to approach the client and you can see the difference as this Trust how it works the magic.

If you would like to learn how to write the effective or better proposal and what mistake to avoid, you can click here, as it would help you on the process.

With that being said, it is your time now to write in your experience after applying the above steps. Does it worked or you found other better solution that is not mentioned? Let me know below in the comments!

I’m excited to hear from you.

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