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Is Their Future in 3d Modeling? I Have Quit My 3D Artist Job

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What is future of 3D Modeling?

I have spent over 10 years as a 3d modeling artist.

I do love 3d modeling, I enjoy creating models, but reality forced me to quit.

Right now, 3D modeling is my hobby. Because 3d modeling job has NO FUTURE.

In this article, I will tell you about the future of 3D modeling and if you already in 3D modeling or planning to jump inside what you should do to cope up the challenges from new emerging technology waves?

AI Going to Replace the 3D Modeling Job

During those days, we had no photogrammetry and 3D Scanners were expensive.

Today as technology continues to surprise us day by day, there are so many different ways to get real life model to digital 3D.

1. Make 3D Modeling Process Easier by Just One Click

 Zbrush’s Zremesher it’s possible to do retopo with a click of a button. This means it completely remove one stage of the 3D modeling process.

Scan 2D images, photos or any real-world objects and turns them into a digital 3d model, which then can be easily re-topo with Zbrush’s Zremesher with a single click of a button.

This means, take any 2D images convert it in to 3D model using software with a click of a button and will be ready to use it for production.

2. Google AI Creates a 3D Model in a Second

Google have created Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can synthesize realistic three-dimensional object models. It includes cars, chairs and other various objects.

This AI system not only generates images that are more realistic than some state-of-the-art methods, but it also enables shape and texture editing, viewpoint shifts, and other three-dimensional tweaks.

As a normal 3d artist need to spend 1-2 days on an average to create a simple asset, depending upon the complexity of the model. While, these AI can create or generate the model in seconds.

3. 3D Scanning Make 3D Model Texture Looks More Realistic

3D Scanning is getting popular these days in main stream industries. It is widely used in Gaming and 3D Animation companies.

Using 3d scanning you can achieve very good-looking assets pretty fast. This will reduce amount of needed artist, especially for texturing artist.

3D scanning will be useful to create more realistic materials that would work well with PBR technologies, it will certainly be useful to recreate real life actors, etc.

Many gaming companies added this to their workflow.

The example below, Ethan Carter game uses photo scan 3d assets, that really stand out to be realistic and moreover, it helps to achieve realism faster and easier.

What You Should Do – 4 Alternative Ways for 3d Artist

Have you shocked with these new technologies?

We can’t compete with AI; we also cannot stop software’s that can create 3d model easily and faster with realistic details.

So… What we really can do?

Waiting for the day in which AI replace most of 3d modeling job?

Of course not.

I have listed 4 alternative ways for 3d artist.

Some of the ways is what I did after quit my 3d modeling job, and other ways are found by my friends who are also 3d artists.

All the listed ways helped us and we are doing well. It could be useful for you as well.

1. 3D Modeling Freelancer – Getting Hired as a Freelance 3D Modeler

On top of hiring more skilled 3D modelers to complete the job in-house, Companies started downloading more ready-made 3D models from the online marketplace than before.

It is estimated that by 2020, the number of self-employed in the United States is expected to increase roughly 60 million, or more than 40% of the United States nations workforce.

I have started my 3d modeling freelancer job in fiverr.com and been doing this for 3 years, in the earlier stages, it was my part time job. After I quit my job, it became full time work.

I started with $5, and now, for each month I can make about $8,000 – $10,000.

Trust me, there are freelancers who are earning more than $100,000 per month from freelancing websites.

16 Best Freelance Website for 3D Artists

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There are 16 freelancer sites for 3D artist , if you are looking for online 3D modeling jobs.

Upwork in One of the premier job-finding marketplaces on the internet. Freelancers from different countries around the world uses Upwork, because it has established itself as the top freelancing website with 5 million users.

You can find different jobs in Upwork, which includes 3D Modeling jobs. You can register here, to apply for jobs in Upwork.

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is the largest crowd-sourcing marketplace. It provides thousands of jobs to freelancers across different countries.

You can register here to create an account and start bidding in the projects. It has many 3D Modeling jobs posted regularly.

Fiverr’s services start from $5, and can go up to thousands of dollars with premium and additional gigs.  Quick and Fast is the key success of Fiverr marketplace.

As a 3D artist, you can offer your service in this platform to buyers and make money on Fiverr.

People Per Hour Online Freelancing market place has huge projects from different clients. You can offer your service at fixed price or on an hourly basis.

People Per Hour have over 751,831 businesses searching for freelancers.

3D Modeling service is one of their popular categories.

Guru is one of the popular freelancing platforms with 3 million members. As a 3D modeler you can work with clients on milestone, Task or pay per hour basis. Guru also offers recurring payment clients.

You can join as a 3d modeling artist and can find clients and complete the projects to earn revenue.

CGtrader is a marketplace to find freelancing jobs and also you can sell your models directly there. Many clients will directly browse 3D models and buy your model.

World’s largest marketplace for selling your 3D models. CGtrader is a global platform.

cad crowd is a freelancing platform dedicated for 3D Modeling and CAD Modeling services.

If you are an industrial designer and if you have similar other expertise, you can find clients related to your services in this platform.

It is a great place to Join if you are a 3D modeling artist looking for a community client projects. If you are a blender user, this will be real treat for you.

Blender network provides you with project work from international community. It is a good place to start networking out with the blender community for jobs.

Freelancers 3D is a new in the list with dedicated services only for 3D modeling works. It has a descent client base.

It is an international freelancing platform. You can find clients from different part of the world.

Flexjobs provides you the flexibility to work online both full time and part time. Totally depends on your schedule. Not just that, Flexjobs also offers remote jobs that are in flexible pattern.

Flexjobs has lot of 3D modeling work provided by trusted clients from both medium and large size companies.

It is another marketplace that offers jobs by clients across different business sectors. 99 design offers both freelancing and contest-based projects.

99 designs also offer 1 to 1 project. You can start finding clients and can earn both part or full time depending upon your requirement.

Dribble is more a community of both freelancers and clients. You can get feedback for your work from fellow freelancers to improve and also you can find jobs.

Dribble offer jobs from different part of the world. It has a dedicated job boards, which is updated with different projects on a daily basis.

Art wanted is another community website in which you have potential to find clients. You can showcase your best 3d renders and can get feedback from many artists out there.

You have more chance to find clients using community board available in the website.

Envato Studio is one of the top online market place out there for freelancers. Elite authors earn over $75,000.

You can setup a service with fixed price and add more addons for different features of the model. Envato studio has a strong client base and it can help you with projects that can be done both part time and full time based on your skillset

Turbosquid is the leading stock 3d model marketplace. You can sell your 3d models in this marketplace which has millions of models already sold and the demand for the stock models is on raise in this platform.

ZipRecruiter is an online job search engine. It has flexible job posting with both part- and full-time position which you can work on remote basis.

You can browse different 3D modeling jobs available in Zip Recruiter and can apply to the suitable position and can work on a remote basis.

2. Technical Artist for Games

If you are interested in game art or you are already creating 3D models for Games. You can focus on developing skillset as a technical artist for games.

There are two popular game engines (Unity and Unreal) which are widely used across different gaming companies.

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Learning Unity or Unreal Game engines, doesn’t necessarily means you need to learn programming.

You need to be a technical artist, meaning learn how to use the game engine, import your models inside, apply materials and tweak it to look better.

You can also use some plugins inside unity to enhance your model, So it can look better and functional inside engine.

As once you import your models from other 3D software’s, you need to do some extra steps to make it look better, which is only possible inside the game engine.

Advantages of learning Game Engines as 3D Modeling:

1. Quickly Visualize the model by yourself: If you know about how to use a game engine and you already have 3D modeling knowledge , you can quickly look at your model as to how it would look in the game and you can adapt to the technical aspect faster.

2. Increases Work Speed: It will increase your working speed as you can setup material easily inside the engine and can-do tweaks.

3. Additional Effects or Details: Learning Unity or Unreal engine helps you to make some additional effects on materials and textures, which is difficlut set up in 3D software.

4. Enhance Model: Once you know how to use the game engine, you can import your model and make it look better by using game engine plugin that is not possible through your 3d software.

5. Guess Work: Guess work can be avoided if you know game engines, as in your 3d modeling software you would have worked with specific measurement and once you bring it in game engine it might look different, So if you know game engines, you can adjust it directly inside engine and can easily adapt to the project requirement.

6. PayScale: Once you learn the game engine, your earning will be higher as you will be transitioning as a technical artist.

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It is an average and salary depends on your experience and skillset. But I can give one example as reference.

One of my friends worked as a 3d modeling artist for 5 years and learned the Unreal engine in free time, right now he is the only technical artist in his company. Since he upgraded technical expertise in the game engine, salary raised from $2,000 to $4,000 per month.

Free Courses:





Paid Courses:










Films and CG Animation

If you interested in Films and CG Animation, you can become a 3D Animation for CG Films.

The global 3D Animation marker size is anticipated to reach USD 28.30 Billion by 2025 according to a new report by Grand View Research.

Here is compare with Animation and 3D modeling:

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Advantages of learning 3D Animation as 3D modeling artist:

When you know about the 3D Animation pipeline, you will understand the workflow required to create a 3D model that is suitable for animation, so it can be rigged and animated for animation.

If you don’t know about 3D animation pipeline, your model cannot be used in production as the mesh will not be compatible for animation.

You will have a great advantage to do modeling that is suitable for animation and can have an advantage compared to regular 3d modeler that doesn’t know animation pipeline.

When you do animation, since you understand how to 3D modeling, once there some issues happen for the model, you know how to fix it. Compare to people who do not know how to do 3D model.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Developer

3D Animation and Games Market is been boosted by the new demand for VR ,AR and XR.

AR, VR and XR augment the visual experience for the viewers, this also provides a more immersive experience.

Most industries are adapting to this new technology and 3D animation is already adopted and created animated movies for VR cinema and AR & VR games.

Advantages of Learning AR/VR as 3D Modeling Artist:

If you know how to use AR and VR pugins, and can create AR and VR app that would be pretty cool. It is not difficult or you need to know programming.

There are many software’s that can help you to build AR easily using your models.

Same like Unity and Unreal engine, you can set your 3d model for AR and VR and can visualize your model as how it will look in the AR or VR application

I have spent my free time to learn AR plugins, Since I know how to do 3d modeling and AR, I have got many AR and VR projects in freelancing website. Because I know how to create 3d model optimized for AR and VR.

Also, if you know unity and unreal engine, it would be totally cool. As most clients look for 3d modeling artist who can import the models inside unity and set it up for AR and VR.

So, you are directly setting up everything and sending the file, which they can directly used in their actual project which is done in Unity or Unreal engine.

This also saves the head ache for clients as they need to find a 3d artist and AR, VR developer. If you know how to do AR simple apps, using plugins in Unity, that would win you more money!

As you will be creating model in 3d software, bring it inside unity, do setup, use AR plugin and build AR apps.

You don’t need to write programming, there are many plugins that can help you to do in few easy steps.

For people whom dont want to learn anything

I think some of you might be angry with me.

You might think, why I should learn Unity or Unreal Engine or Animation or AR/VR. I’m just a 3D modeling artist.

Why on earth would I need to change to something new?

I do understand. Trust me, this is what I have been thinking earlier.

Until one day I realized after going through several interviews, Company need inter-disciplinary talent.

Or create your own business such as working in freelancing websites, be your own boss, or you should have some extra skills that separate you from the rest.

Or… don’t take any action and wait for one day to be replaced by AI or other artists that are upgraded and skilled better than you.

Let me know what you think about 3D modeling future ?

And what you going to do ?

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