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Optimize Description for Fiverr Gig That for Ranking First Page

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If you have no luck with your Fiverr sales, it probably means… your description for Fiverr gig, Gig title, and tags are written poorly and outdated.

Most Fiverr profiles read so poorly that buyers never even care to read the description. This will end up being your profile lost in Fiverr.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your Fiverr Gig and Profile for better sales results based on SEO optimization methods in detail and cover all the required details for effective profile and gig setup.

There are certain checklist and strategies that are needed for your profile and gig, so that Fiverr search engine can pick your gig, which can drive you more sales and can help climb you up the levels!

We will start by setting up a profile description and then go all the way to set up the description for Fiverr gig.

Let’s get started…

Create the Best Description for Fiverr Account

Profile description is your resume in Fiverr.com,

The buyer will check out for when deciding on which seller services to buy.

4 Effective Steps to Description for Fiverr account

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefit to Buyers
  3. Related Educational Background
  4. Area of Specialization
 Create the Best Description for Fiverr Account
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Step 1: Simple Introduction of Yourself

Don’t waste too much time in the introduction. Keep it short and get to the point.

Write down your name and provided service,

For example:

I am XXX, freelance writer, copywrite and copy editor with a passion for written communication.

Step 2:  Clarify the Benefits to Buyers

Explain what benefits you can provide to buyers.

Be specific and original. Real benefits that buyers can get from you.

Step 3: Add Related Education or Work Experience Will Increase Trust to Buyer

If you have education and experience related to your service that can support your service, will add additional credit to your gig and can attract buyers.

This also will increase your credibility and trust from buyers, especially for skill and technical work.

Step 4: Tell Buyer What Is Your Specific Service

Focus on specific buyers and the projects that you are really interested to work. This will help you to focus on specific audience or buyers.

If you are trying to be general, it would be harder to climb on the ladder. This also helps you with increased ability as you will be focusing on specific buyers and helps with repeated orders.

Now that you have organized your profile description and next would be to create your Fiverr gig description and title.

Let’s jump in…

Optimized Description for Fiverr Gig

It is important that you focus on SEO part for your gig and optimize it based on that. So, your gig can show up in Fiverr search and also need to stand out from other sellers.

Now, let’s see how to Setup a Gig to perform well.

6 effective components to focus on your Gig to increase your sales:

  1. Gig Title
  2. Search Tags
  3. Price
  4. Gig Description
  5. FAQ
  6. Order Requirements
  7. Gallery and Portfolio

Step 5: Gig Title

It is very important that you do use a keyword in your title which needs to be researched with competition and traffic index.

Let’s see this with a logo design Gig Template.

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Style/Design: What type of Style or design is your logo. In the above example, I specified Cartoon Vector, you can use Flat vector or any other style that you are specialized.

Logo Type: Need to be Specific Logo type like Mascot. In sports, most of the logo is mascot style. So, you need to use the target market specific type.

Target Audience: the target audience or market which is sports. If you want to be more specific, you can also type what type of Sports.

You can also add 24 or 48-hours delivery in the title. As some clients are lazy to click and read the description, mostly by seeing the title buyers get the urge to click the gig.

Step 6: Search Tags

Like many other websites, Fiverr also need you to fill the tags, it helps customer to find your gig.

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Don’t take this lightly, it helps you to rank your gig better as Fiverr uses special algorithm to spotlight your gigs and search tag plays an important role.

Use auto search completion to find keywords in Fiverr.

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Same to Google search bar, all the keywords display in Fiverr search bar is buyer often search.

This will be your search tags based on your service.

Totally, you can add 5 tags in each gig.

In order to beat your competitors and climb up the ladder, you need to use four tags that the buyer search frequently.

You can do the search in Fiverr and find that four tag words related to your gig.

For the fifth tag, you should try a unique keyword to make you stand out. This word might not necessarily have exposure like the other four. But this unique fifth keyword will help you to rank better.

Pro Tips: The first Four tags, you can search the best-selling gigs in your niche and then use their tags.For the last tag, try to search this unique keyword outside Fiverr in Google and other related forums based on your service and get the keyword.

Step 7: Setting Up Price

Pricing plays an important role in decision making.

In Fiverr, there are two price system setting:

  1. One Basic Price
  2. 3 tier pricing list

One basic price is normal for simple work and price is $5 or $10.

3 tier pricing list will be based on your service divide to 3 different level with 3 different prices.

Tips: When you set the 3-tier pricing list, make sure you put the standard price in the center and you need to convince the buyers to buy this package.

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As most buyers want to play safe. So, they will not pick the premium one. Also, they will hesitate to touch the basic one as it might not include things that are in Standard and Premium.

It is easier option for the buyer to pick standard. So, price your service in such a way, that you provide more perks in standard package and push them for it.

So, device your price based on this strategy!

Also, as a new seller, try to keep your price $5, as this would be a faster way to make sales and collects reviews.

Offer 24 hours or 48 hours deliveries. It will boost your Gig in Fiverr and can help you earn many buyers and reviews! And Reviews are gold! Especially when you are start building your fiverr from ground up.

Pro Tips: When you start out selling in Fiverr, keep the price slightly lower than your competitors and give better service. You might think this more like a charity, but trust me… It is just temporary. Later you can increase your price.

Step 8: Gig Description

Write a few lines that are very interesting about your gig. This will be your header part in the description. Add your key words naturally. Don’t Force it!


Are you looking for a professional, custom – designed cartoon vector mascot logo for your sports need? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In the above example, you can see the key word logo and long-tail keyword cartoon vector Mascot. Add a keyword and long-tail word to make it SEO friendly.

Once they find your description that starts with what they want, they will continue to read the description. Keep it exciting, if it sounds boring buyer might lose the attention. Keep it energetic.

Let’s do another example.

In this example, you can see the bold words highlighted, which explains the unique eye catchy phrases.

Best of all, it is in bold. Usually, when buyer read the description, the bold formatted text gets immediate attention.

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Not only that, Bold words help you with SEO as well.

Using the main key word in your gig in the first paragraph will help boost your ranking quite fast – chances to reach the first page will increase significantly.

Write features of your gig in bullet points. Nice and clean. Highlight the best features and make them bold.

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Next… You need to write down you are area of expertise. Narrow it down to target specific buyers.

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Logo design has a wide range of the spectrum, most buyers like to get focused sellers specialized in a specific niche.

So, you can write down your strongest expertise area in your field of service.

Now… before you conclude your description. Last few words need to be about call to action. Let’s assume your buyers are interested and what they need to do next?…

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You need to guide them by concluding, that you are just a message away. Keep it more personalized. You can add simple emoticons!

Buyers like more human communication. So, just get bit creative and be real.

Point out something that make you stand out from competitor. Go to find best-selling gig in your niche and you can get some ideas.

You need to write, real stand out points.

Example: if you buy my service, I will offer free revisions for X number of times. Be honest and don’t lie or overpromise!

Tips: You can go to your competitor gig page and find what is missing in them and try to add that service, this will help you to stand out.

Extra bonus

  • You can also find what customers want from the reviews in bestselling gig! Buyer’s leave review. Read the reviews as you can find many ideas from that.
  • Don’t flood the description with words! Be specific write in points as much as you can. Don’t write in paragraphs!

Buyers will lose interest if they see bunch of boring paragraphs and might not even read it!

  • Also, specify in the description that if they want to buy your gig, they need to contact you through message first, as you can get the better idea of their requirement.

(This is only essential if you are offering custom services!)

  • You can also add what is not included in the Gig. This will buyers with more clarity and avoid confusion, Negative reviews and all other hassles.

Tips: Go to the search box and type your keyword and find the top 10 gigs in that niche. You can able to get idea from their gig offerings and personalize it to your requirement. Do not just copy paste!

Don’t forget to add Gig Extras for Faster Delivery. Buyers like Fast delivery and Charge them for it!

Step 9: FAQ

Adding more FAQ, helps you better sales as it appears more filled up Gig.

Buyers sometime hesitate to ask questions, if you can fill those for them, it would make the sales much easier.

Not only that, Buyer can get instant answer rather than sending you a message and waiting for several hours.

Don’t be lazy! Spend some time and try to find perfect FAQ. Don’t just fill it up with words.

How to do it?

  • Search in your successful competitor gig to find related questions and also read from their customers review.
  • Make it valuable. Add your seed keywords and it helps with CTR and Fiverr Search optimization. Just use once if not twice in the FAQ section. Make sure it reads natural. Don’t shove or force keywords! Don’t overdo it!

Example FAQ for a logo design Gig:

Question: What you get for my Silver Package? [ Most Popular]

Answer: You will get One Logo Concept for my Silver package With Unlimited Revisions Until You are Satisfied. Also, you will get JPG, PNG, AI, PSD, EPS, PDF and Social Media Kit after Finalized the Logo.

Step 10: Order Requirements

Once the buyer clicks Order Now Button. Buyer will be directed to Order Requirement Page.

You need to ask related questions for your gig. So that buyer can provide answer and can submit required files to start the order!

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Once the buyer clicks Order Now Button. Buyer will be directed to Order Requirement Page.

Most buyers don’t have a clue and hate slow or complicated process.

So, save yourself from headaches and also for buyers! Once they click order now, specify clearly what buyers need to provide in order to start the gig. Make the process seamless and easier.

Let’s see this with a template for a SEO service gig.

Step 11: Gallery and Portfolio

Add your best work. Only the best work.

For better conversion, it is super important to add a video! Keep your video short and simple to the point.

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Videos have high CTR (Click Through Rate). It has 40% higher chance than images.

I have also tested this, if you have a video, Fiverr promote that gig 220%. Fiverr algorithm and buyers love videos!

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Add images, not just video. Some buyers like to browse images in case if they have not found your video interesting or for other reasons. So, use the provided space wisely!

In your image, keep the background clean (white or grey) and focus on the important element that you would like to showcase. Don’t overcrowd the image. It might be harder for the viewers focused attention.

Tip: Add one of your unique work that cannot be seen anywhere in Fiverr even similar work. So, it will stand out when the buyer quickly browses around different gigs. If you have a unique or different style, it would have better CTR!

After you follow the above steps and tweak your Fiverr Gig and Profile, then you need to promote your Fiverr gig to make more people know your service.

These promotion strategies helped me to earn over $80,000!

More you engage, more you can harness the power of Succeed on Fiverr!

Now, It Is Your Time Start Make Money on Fiverr!

Fiverr isn’t a lottery, and your ability to make money on this platform rests largely on strategy… not luck.

Which of the above strategy helped you out better?

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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